My Story

Reading is about enjoyment... letting the imagination flourish.

All right! Let's get down to business. You probably have questions as to how I came up with the idea to create a series called the Battle of Kilz. That's a fair enough question. (I will be changing the title of my book very soon. No more Prince Xander & the Sector of Damnation). Sorry! Back to our original conversation. You want to know how the series came about. Well, I'll do my best to make it quick.

It all began back in... All right! All right! I won't make the story too boring. The character Prince Xander came to me in a dream in the year 2007 little did I know how crucial and important this young man would be in the series).

In my dream, Prince Xander and his father, King Landris, were arguing. All of a sudden, a fire-breathing dragon appeared out of nowhere, and I... I woke up. “That's it?” you ask. Well, no, that isn't it.

I kept having that reoccurring dream with Prince Xander, King Landris, and an assortment of other characters. Usually, one doesn't remember his or her dreams, but I was vividly remembering my dreams with Prince Xander and the crew in it. Wherever I could find a piece of paper, I would jot down what occurred in my dreams.

The dreams kept nagging at me throughout the day. Therefore, I took it as a sign. I always loved writing. Shit, my dream was to become an author. No, honestly, I wanted to become an author. I had an active imagination as a child. Really, I did. I used to use my bed as Barbie's apartment. It was set-up so lavishly. The comforter was her plush wall-to-wall carpeting, and her pool... Oh, her pool was the bathtub. No, not the Barbie bathtub, but the human bathtub. I would turn the faucets on and act like she had a built-in waterfall. That shit was hotttttt! Can you say that my Barbie was living the glamorous life, bitches! I know but back to what I was talking about.

I had dreams of doing something which involved creative writing. I believe that desire took hold of me and told me to write a novel. I also believe that God was nudging me.

I sat down at the computer in spring 2007, and I began writing. I didn't have a clear thought process in mind as to what the novel's plot was about. All that I knew was that Prince Xander was a reluctant hero that was destined to protect something. So, I kept writing. I typed and typed and typed. But, it all came to a halt after six months in the fall of 2007. I was accepted to dental hygiene school, and my novel took a backseat to school. Yippee! Therefore, I lost a little interest in my novel and didn't write for awhile. I was too busy trying not to flunk out of hygiene school!

A good time had passed before I began writing again, and when I did, I started writing another totally different novel. The feel to it was different. Why? Because I had told myself that book 1 (I didn't have a name for it then) wasn't a really good introduction to the whole Prince Xander saga.

I couldn't believe that I was writing a new novel. Yep, I sure did. The reader in me said, “If I were reading your novel, I would have questions like: Why is the story taking place in the 81st century? Who is Samt Al-Ra's Deus? What are the Rumarian Watchers and where did they come from? What made Yezzra so angry? And, and... Okay, enough, Terrica the Reader!

I was probably one hundred or so pages into the second novel when... I just stopped writing (circa 2010-2011). I didn't like the second novel. Around this time, I re-entered college again to get my second degree, which was in English (I didn't flunk out of hygiene school, thankfully).

"I abide by the thinking that good always triumphs before evil."

During this period of my life, I wasn't interested in writing much of anything remotely creative after taking literature class after literature class. Man, I had to read Ulysses (I almost chucked that damn behemoth of a novel across the room). Look, at the time I wasn't aware of what stream of consciousness writing was. Give me a break! (What's funny is that I actually write in stream of consciousness. Who whudda thunk it?!)

I kid you not, I couldn't write a lick of what I wanted to write about. It was as if the recommended English literature was pushing all of my creative thoughts out of the window. I was being bogged down with reading stories like the Invisible Man, Angels in America, Glengarry Glen Ross, Death of a Salesman, Six Degrees of Separation, and any and everything Shakespeare. That was followed up with poetry by Sylvia Plath and hordes of other literature. I was burned out! Then, a bright spot in my college life appeared. I was free to take the classes that I wanted in spring of 2014. Woo! Hoo! Sign me up for those creative writing classes, baby.

That's what I did. I enrolled in two creative writing classes, a screenwriting class, and a business writing class. My creative juices were bubbling up to the surface. The itch to continue to write my seven-year old novel had come back.

January or maybe February 2014, I began writing again. But, once again, I was writing a new novel to the “Prince Xander” series. What! Yeah, I did. I didn't think that the second book was a good starting point. I know. Why? Why? Why? (I just got a flashback of Nancy Kerrigan). All right. So, the reader in me started asking questions again and had some valid suggestions.

The inner “reader” voice in me said, “I think it's best that you start from the beginning. Yeah. The beginning of everything. You really need to do that. And, do it quick, fast, and in a hurry, boopsies.” Bitch! Leave it up to my inner reader. She's always talking shit.

Guess what? Well, you already know. I listened to my inner bitch reader and did what she had suggested.

She was right. I had to create the past in order to get the reader to the present. It just felt right. And I am glad that I did because I met some wonderful people along my writing journey. I'm talking about literary advisors and not my characters. Although, meeting my characters was... somthing else.