• The Battle of Kilz

  • An Epic Fantasy

  • Terrica M Duncan

A banished rogue exacts revenge on his hypocritical former leader by employing the help of miscreants and stolen souls. One half of his family stands with him while the other half as well as former friends strives to stop him from succeeding in his mission.

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Battle of Kilz:

The Sector of Damnation, Book 1

Lead by Samt Al-Ra’s Deus – the god that governs the Joogto Ah Galaxy (JAG) – a group of beings must band together throughout different millennia to stop Deus’ banished protégé, Yezzra, from exacting his revenge on Thezabisians, one race of gods, as well as mankind.

It will prove to be a formidable task because Samt Al-Ra’s Deus not only must battle his pride but also his demons, which seek to cripple him emotionally and physically. Will Samt Al-Ra’s Deus be able to save his kingdom, his people, and the future, or will Yezzra topple Thezabis and become the new ruler?

"...I am always the brunt of everyone’s inadequacies, blunders, selfishness, and whatever transgressions that have caused people to humiliate or hurt me.”

- Explonis Kilz"

The truth comes in waves... but lies come in streams.

Coming in March!